SABB 2J 2JZ P12 Maintenance Gasket

SABB DIESEL 2J 2JZ Maintenance Set Of Gasket P12 includes Head Gasket P/N 814001.

Suitable for 2J 2JZ 2JRG 2JGR 2JHR 2JHVP-15 OG 2JRK SABB Water Cooled Marine DIESEL Engine with standard bore of 100mm.


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SABB 2J 2JZ P12 Maintenance Gasket Set Art No: 003399.

SABB J Series 100mm bore marine diesel engine set includes :

Stk. Del




Art. nr.
Pos. Art No.
2 Topphettepakning Cylinder head cover gasket 815001
2 TOppvarnpakaiag Cylinder Head or Water Gasket 814001
2 Luftmanifoldpakning Inlet Manifold Gasket 815002
1 Regulatorluke-pakning Governor cover gasket. 813053
1 Vannventilpakning Gasket, water valve housing 814015
1 Lyddemperlokk-pakning Front cover gasket. 814024
1 Termostatpakning Thermostat  gasket 813078
2 Eksosvannpakning Exhaust water gasket . 814036
1 Eksosflenspakning Exhaust flange gasket 814035
4 Pakningsring Copper washer 8 mm. 831025
4 Pakningsring Copper washer 12mm 831018
6 Pakningsring Copper washer 14 mm 831035
Farside Front cover 97721


Set does not include Alluminium flange washer.

We can also supply other parts like Piston, Bearings and Gasket for Sabb G 90
Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 28 × 22 × 5 cm

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