A quality piston ring set for use in Lister 9/1 JP, JS and JK Series engines.

Set of 4 Rings (1+2+1) consisting of

– Plain taper compression ring DEV 614/888 (x1),(See note)

– Compression ring DEV 10-4-18 (x2) and

– Oil scraper ring DEV 23/22/99 (x1) set of 1+2+1

A total of three compression and one oil scraper all Non-Chromed Rings

Fits all Lister 9/1 JP JP2 JP3 JP4, JP6, JK4 and JS engines with standard bore of 114.30 mm or 4.5″ alloy pistons with part number 573-10430.

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Lister 9/1 JP JS JK PISTON RING SET Part No Dev-574-10980.

For use in Chromed bores only.

Please don't get confused as many people are using CS 5/1 with 574-10980 ring set instead JP which has Tapper top ring. NOTE -If you have Non-Chrome Liner Please Mention AS YOU WILL NEED CHROMED TAPPER COMPRESSION RING Refer our other listed product for the same.
Weight .45 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 5 cm

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