Bukh DV20 Gasket Set 032D4201

Bukh DV20 Packing Gasket Set 032D4201 For Marine Engine. With  O-rings, Oil seals and washers

Cylinder Head Gasket Part No DEV 000E7766 or 000D9687

Complete Gaskets packing set for Bukh DV20 Engine without Oil seals and washers

Set includes Head Gaskets and packing Sets includes O-rings, Oil seals, Valve Seals and copper Washers

Bukh DV20 Packing Gaskets 032D4201

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Bukh DV20 Packing Gaskets 032D4201 With Oil seals O-rings and washers Includes Following Gaskets

SR No Part No. Quantity Item
1 000D9687 1 Cylinder Head Gasket
2 000D9665 1 Valve Cover Gasket
3 000D9196 1 Gasket for front end cover
4 000E0975 1 Gasket for rear end cover
5 000D9734 1 Gasket for base cover or Sump or Bottom gasket
6 000D9197 1 Gasket for rear end cover
7 000D9643 1 Gasket For Governor Cover
8 000D9312 2 Gasket for cover for regulating of fuel cam Bleeder Valve Gasket
9 000E4784 1 Gasket for lift pump
10 000E3436 1 Gasket for Lub oil pump Cover
11 000E0053 1 Gasket for Chain Cover or chain Box
12 000D9881 2 Gasket for exhaust
13 000D9762 1 Metal Gasket for water cooled exhaust pipe or Nipple bend Elbow
14 000E0054 1 Gasket for chain case



1 Pc Cylinder Head Gasket suitable for 2 cylinder Engine Bore of 85mm made from Quality Material. Bore x stroke 3.35″ x 3.35 in (85 x 85 mm) Besides these we can also supply following Parts : - Big End Bearings Part No 40563 / 000E 0563  DV20 DV24 DV29 DV36 DV32 DV48 - Main bearing liner Part No 000E 4765 / 000E4765  DV36 - Bukh DV24 DV29 DV32 Engine PISTON Assembly 008E7679,
Weight 1.35 kg
Dimensions 41 × 36 × 5 cm

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