Bukh DV10 DV20 Piston Assembly

Bukh DV20 DV10 Piston Set Pt No DEV 008E7317

We are pleased to offer Graded LM13 Aluminum Alloy replacement piston of standard Size Fits all Bukh DV10 and Bukh DV20 Series engines, comes complete with Ring Set, a gudgeon pin and a pair of circlips. Widely used in Marine and Industrial engines of single or Multi Cylinder with Standard Bore 85mm.

Please select the correct Quantiy for your engine.

A Single Cylinder Bukh D10 & DV10 will require 1 Set and a 2 Cylinder DV20 Marine Diesel Engine will require 2 Set to make a complete set to run the engine.

Suitable for BUKH Marine Diesel Engine DV10 DV20 Engines
Bore X Stroke – 3.35″ x 3.35 in (85 x 85 mm)

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Product Description

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Bukh DV10 DV20 Piston Assembly Part No DEV 008E7317

with bore 85mm and stroke 85mm

Piston Assembly Comprising DEV 008E7317

stempel Komplet med pind og ringe Kolben Komplett mit Bolzen und Ringen pistón Completo con pasador e aneis piston complet avec goupille et anneaux pistón completo con pasador y anillos

1 Piston DEV 008E2949

Stempel Kolben Pistón

2 Piston Ring Set Comprising DEV 030D0301 ##

Stempelringesæt, Kolbenringsatz, Conxunto de aneis do pistón, Jeu d’anneaux de piston, Juego de anillos de pistón

3 CIRCLIP  DEV 522A0032

Seegerring Sicherungsring Clip


stempelpind Kolbenbolzen pasador de pistón goujon de piston pin de pistón de pistón


## Bukh DV20 D10 D10 Piston Ring Set PN DEV 030D0301 Set of 4 PC Ring as below 1 Pc Compression Ring 562H0000-562H0012 Kolbenring stempelringe anillo de pistón segment de piston 1 Pc Compression Ring 562H0000-562H0013 Kolbenring stempelringe anillo de pistón segment de piston 1 Pc Tapperd face Compression Ring 562H0002 Minutring Minutenring aro de compresión cónico sagment compresseur à face conique 1 Pc Scraper Ring 562H0002 00E6418 Abstreifring olieskrabering Segment racleur d'huile anillo rascador de aceite

Weight 1.45 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 15 cm

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