Bukh DV24 DV29 DV32 Piston Ring

Bukh DV36 DV48 Piston Ring Set Part No 030D0304 or 033D0301 with Bore X Stroke – 3.35″ x 3.35 in (85 x 85 mm)

ITEM Quantity in a Set Ref. Part Number
Piston Ring Set 1 Set DEV 030D0304 Or DEV 033D0301
Set Includes 1 Pc Compression Ring 00E6457 Kolbenring stempelringen anillo de pistón segment de piston
1 Pc Tapperd face Compression Ring 562H0001 Minutring Minutenring aro de compresión cónico sagment compresseur à face conique
1 Pc Scraper Ring 000E6418 Abstreifring olieskrabering Segment racleur d’huile anillo rascador de aceite


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Bukh DV24 DV29 DV32 Piston Ring Part No DEV 030D0304.

A high quality replacement Piston Ring Set for Bukh 2 Cylinder Marine diesel Engine.

Bukh Piston Ring Set Part No DEV 030D0304  a Part of Piston Assembly DEV 008E7679.

Ring Set is suitable for Bukh DV24, DV29 DV32, RM and RME.

Besides these we can also supply following Parts : - Big End Bearings Part No 40563 / 000E 0563  DV20 DV24 DV29 DV36 DV32 DV48 - Main bearing liner Part No 000E 4765 / 000E4765  DV36 - Bukh DV24 DV29 DV32 Engine PISTON Assembly 008E7679,
Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm

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