Lister HR HL Connecting Rod Bearing 572-50650

Lister HR, HL, HLT Conrod Bearings Part No DEV 572-50650 is a part of CONNECTING ROD ASSEMBLY Part No DEV – 571-10050

Widely used as Stationary, Marine and Industrial engines of single or Multi Cylinder HL4, HL6, HLT6, HR2, HR3, HR4, HR6, HR2M, HR3M, HR4M, HR6M, HRW2, HRW3, HRW4, HRW6, HRW2M, HRW3M, HRW4M and HRW6M



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Big End Bearings Part No 572-50650 For Lister HR, HRS, HRW, HRWS, HL and HLT Engines.


Connecting rod bearing is a part of ConRod Assembly DEV 572-50350 suitable for Lister Diesel Engine.

These ConRod or BE Bearings are used in following Engines and Models and below quantity is required per engine :



No Of Cylinder Pairs Required
2 Cylinder – HR2 HR2M HRW2 HRW2M 2 Pairs (4 Pc)
3 Cylinder – HR3 HR3M HRW3 HRW3M 3 Pairs (6 Pc)
4 Cylinder – HL4 HR4 HR4M HRW4 HRW4M 4 Pairs (8 Pc)
6 Cylinder – HL6 HR6 HR6M HRW6 HRW6M HLT6 6 Pairs (12 Pc)
Lister Petter HR HRW HL STD Bore 107.95mm / 4.25 in / 4 1/4 Bore Each order will contain 1 Set of Piston, Rings, Pin and Cerclip Pair
Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 cm

Standard, 0.020" or 0.50mm U/s, 0.040" or 1.00mm U/s, 0.060" or 1.50mm U/s

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